DMR Dashboard

We have added a dashboard for the DMR Server. Please visit the DMR page to find links to it. We hope you find this useful. It is a work in progress but is off to a great start.

Alabama Link added to the Icom NXCore

Thanks to the guys in Florida, we are now on the Icom NXCore system. If you are in range of a native NXDN Repeater you can access the network via Talk Group 31010.

Click on NXDN in the menu to find out more.

New Webpage Design – September 2020

Welcome to our new site. It has been a different time for all of us this year. Many of us has been impacted or know someone who has been impacted with the corona virus. I hope all of you are having a good and safe year.

If you are here you noticed a completely new look. I hope you like it. We needed something simple and that worked well on a computer and a tablet or phone.

So what’s new?

We have our own DMR server. It is accessible from any PiStar or OpenSpot device. If you can’t find it in your listing as Alabama DMR please let us know. The Alabama Link is on TG 31010. This is a true DMR Master like the big networks have, just simpler.

We are on Telegram, at the time of this post we have 15 members on Telegram, it is a great place to ask questions, troubleshoot or just clown around. We like to keep it calm and simple. To join, click here.

As always we are open to feedback about anything, please let us know.


Doug Gooden ~ W4DBG